If you are just jumping in for the first time and would like to read why/how this crazy project came about, you can read below. If you would like to see the progress of my documentary family sessions CLICK BELOW to see the galleries! 


The 100 families galleries 

The stories and spirits of 100 uniquely beautiful families - an ongoing journey. 



I’ve been photographing families for quite a while now. I’ve fallen in love with capturing the true heartbeat of families and creating authentic images that exude the unique love and beauty that each family cultivates together. I believe in the value of honestly captured family photography, and I want this value to be accessible to every family.

If I could give this gift to every single family out there, I would. That’s how valuable I think honest family storytelling is.

It is not just about beautiful images.

It is about inspiring you and your family to live life fully and to remember how precious the gift of your family is. I am beyond excited about choosing 100 families who also believe in the value of documenting their family just as it is and want to preserve the beautiful heritage of their family honestly.

Life is incredibly beautiful, but short. The story you and your children are creating and living is important and deserves to be preserved. 

This is a passion project and my way of spreading my love for documentary family photography. I am offering $1,000 worth of value to 100 families, which is only possible with how passionate I am about this. My heart is completely filled when I hear how special the moments I capture of each family are to them. How my images made them remember how precious the gift of their family is, inspired them to live more presently, and gave them a beautiful way to look back on the real moments of their lives today.

I believe in family and I believe in the value of preserving your family story. 

If you value your family and documenting the beautiful life you are living right now uninhibitedly, fill out the questions below. I look forward to reading about you and your family and the beauty of your unique love. 



Short answer: Black coffee and vegan donuts.

Long answer: Photographing 100 families is no small thing. It will take a lot of coordination, time, and travel. If you are chosen as a family, I will get in touch with you within the next month to set up a date and time.

I am based in Asheville, NC. If you live over 50 miles away from me, in order to make it feasible, I am asking for $25 for every additional 50 miles I have to travel. I am going to work hard to coordinate photographing families who live in the same city consecutively in order to cut down on travel time, so there will have to be a bit of flexibility, but we will make it work!




- Your story!

I want to hear about you and your family. I want to hear about the little things that make you unique. What are your quirks? What do you love doing together on a Sunday afternoon? What are you most excited about in this phase of your life together? What makes you laugh the hardest? In the form below, tell me anything and everything that you love about your family. Take your time to thoughtfully fill out the questions at the end of the page. 

- up to 8 hours of living presently and openly!

I am offering the coverage time I would give for my family day session, which is over $1,000 worth of value. It is important to me to have the time to tell your full story and tell it well. Photographing you and your family at home, running around outside, snuggling together in bed, bath-time (for those little ones), cooking breakfast or dinner together, reading stories together, taking a walk and anything else your family loves doing together - I want to capture it all for you. This is a day to simply live exactly as you are as a family. No posing, no faking, just living. Honest imagery comes from honest living. The more time I have with you, the better I am able to capture your story. 

- Flexibility with the date and time of the session 

Because I will be photographing many families within a fairly short amount of time, we will have to work together to find a time that works for the both of us. This will take some flexibility, but I know we will be able to figure it out!

- Spreading your family love 

Too often, people invest in photography then let the images get buried on their computer. It is my goal that every family I photograph will fill their homes with the images of their real life story. I will be offering to make prints and design custom albums for each family I photograph at my normal prices. Wether you order albums and prints from me or get them printed from someone else does not matter to me. What is important to me is that you take the time to get some of your images printed so that you are able to see them and share them and experience them and fill them with your homes! I want you and your family to have the true value of documentary family photography - which comes alive when you are able to relive your beautiful moments through the magic of a print or album of your story. 



I will let you know if they will open back up in the future. Thank you to everyone who opened their hearts and stories!