Hi. I am Abbi, a lover of people and each person’s beautiful, one-of-a-kind story. I am grateful and humbled that you have come here.


I could have never imagined how exciting, freeing, challenging, and fulfilling the commitment I made to the kindest man I know would become. We have hiked endless mountains across the country, adventured through West Africa, camped in deserts, canyons, beaches, and mountains, have dreamed up plans of a worldwide backpacking adventure, have laughed and cried and hugged and laughed some more, and have fought harder for our marriage more than anything else in our lives.

I learn more every day how beautiful, fast, and precious life is and that loving those around you with the time you have is so important. That is why I am in love with giving my now everything I’ve got and leaning into the honest, deep moments in life, both when it’s easy and when it's hard.


I try to anchor myself in these values every day:

Being present in life. Always.

Living each day like it is my last.

Loving those closest to me with everything inside of me.

The beauty and joy of commitment.

The search for adventure both in the big and the small.

The freedom to laugh out loud when my heart is laughing.

Saying yes to the uninhibited moment.


Maybe you are here because you have decided to commit yourself to the one you love deeply for the rest of your life and you are soon celebrating the beautiful journey that you are embarking on with one another.


Or maybe you are bringing a new life into the world and want to remember what it feels like to hold your little labor of love in your arms for the first time.


Perhaps you are here because you simply want to celebrate and remember the life you are living right now, in this moment, with your family, just the way it is. Dancing in the hallways, running around outside, laughing together on the couch. The moments filled with life and purpose.


Or maybe, you are simply here to say hello.


Whatever brought you here, whatever adventure you are living in life right now, it all matters. Your story is beautiful. Your story is unique. Every moment of this outrageous gift called life is incredible and important.


I am here to let you live in the now, be fully present in the moment, and capture your unique story, just as it is, so that you can remember it forever.

- Abbi