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1. Goodbye posing hello playing

We have all been there. Whether at J.C. Penny or in a field somewhere, chances are you have fallen victim to posing with your family wearing matching khakis and white shirts plastered with fake smiles. Looking back at those masterfully orchestrated portraits, I've always thought - those photos say absolutely nothing about who my family was during that time. Except that we nailed our 90's hair styles (thanks mom). 

In case you need a refresher, say hello to my family's most successful family portrait:

I look at this photo and wish so badly we had real moments of all of us captured. All the moments in between this image. The getting ready photos, all of the kids running around, the laughter and playing and conversation that surrounds this image. 

I look at this photo and wish so badly we had real moments of all of us captured. All the moments in between this image. The getting ready photos, all of the kids running around, the laughter and playing and conversation that surrounds this image. 


With documentary family photography you:

1. don't have to worry about what you are wearing and whether or not it matches Jimmy's outfit to perfection and

2: You don't have to wrangle your kids together to pose for a photo when everything inside their bodies is telling them no.

All you have to do is be yourself. Nothing more. Nothing less.  



2. You are creating a visual diary of your kids filled with moments that are truly them.

The idea of documentary family photography is that the behind the scenes moments are the ones that actually matter. It's the unposed, unorchestrated, this-is-who-we-are moments that carry meaning for years to come as your kids grow up.

The way your son climbed on the counter to get to the highest cabinet for peanut butter, how you all used to play soccer together as a family in your backyard, your morning coffee ritual when all the kids pitched in to make your perfect cup, your nightly dance parties in the living room right after dinner, the time when you and your kids when on a hunt to find the lost neighborhood cat.

These are all moments I've captured and all moments that families are going to hold onto and laugh and cry about years from now. 


3. You are going to win kudos, hugs, and thank-you's from your future self

The moments captured of your family are going to become more meaningful as the years go by. I promise you, you will thank your future self for valuing the moments of your family happening now, realizing how fleeting these moments are, and choosing to have them captured and frozen forever. 



4. Your photos will make you cry...in the best way

Almost every single family that receives their photos tells me about how much their photos made them cry. Documentary family photography is capturing the heart of your family with patience, great care, and a passion for your unique story.

Your family is completely unique. The moments you create together look nothing like your neighbor's family or your friend's family. Being able to see the trueness of your family in images creates an overwhelming feeling that I can only describe as "Oh my goodness, that's my family. THAT is truly my family. How incredible."

A mother e-mailed me in response to her photos once saying that they made her fall in love with her husband all over again because they captured her family just as they are. That's what documentary family photography is all about. 



5. You gain a new awesome friend in the process!

Documentary family photographers aren't just flies on the wall. We hang out with you, interact with you, jump into your family routine, and become a part of your family as we capture your day. It's not a one and done portrait session where you hardly know who just took your photos.

I've had some of the deepest, most beautiful conversations with families as I am photographing them. I've connected with kids over board games, exchanging dance moves, legos, and trampoline tricks. It's an experience that feels more like a friend coming to hang out with your family more than anything. 



5.5 You sound cool saying you have a documentary family photographer.

It's like having a personal photojournalist. Who doesn't want a personal photojournalist?

I cannot encourage you enough to book a documentary family session. You'll love it. 


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I've moved away from my birthplace of North Carolina where I have spent the past 8 years as a photographer. I am planting roots in Arizona and am thrilled to be here.

I'm pumped about building a new community of families and would love for you to be a part of it. 







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Documentary Family Session with the Whitlows /// Concord North, Carolina


You know the people in this world that you just instantly feel at home with? Meet the Whitlows -  Sarah, David, Elijah, and Rosalie. This family exudes warmth and kindness. I walked into their home for our documentary family session and instantly felt free to be exactly myself. After spending the morning with them, witnessing the little quirks that make them who they are, David's espresso machine expertise, Sarah's warm, down to earth spirit as a mother and wife, both of their on point senses of humor, Elijah's impressive love for all things Star Wars, and Rosalie's uncanny way of making you feel understood as a human being just by smiling at you - after just a few hours with them, I felt like longtime friends. 

Sarah and David are incredible photographers at www.twocentsphotography.com . I am honored and grateful for connecting with them, getting the chance to peek into their family world, and capture a piece of their beauty. Here are some of my favorites moments during our morning together. 


Best of 2017 /// Documentary Family Photography


Best of 2017 /// Documentary Family Photography


2017 was one the most exciting years for me and my photography journey. I made the full time commitment to documentary family photography and I can confidently say that I am not looking back. 

In the 8 years that I have been a photographer, it has not been until this year that I have found where I am supposed to be in the world of photography. My journey has taken me from working for newspapers, freelancing for publications, photographing weddings, and finally to documenting families in their element. 

I had a huge "aha" moment at the beginning of 2017 and realized that this was what I was made to do. This was when I birthed the crazy, amazing idea to photograph 100 families for free and start doing what I wanted to do and doing it A LOT. 

I threw my idea out into the world asking families to submit their stories and was literally brought to tears by each and every one. 5 months ago, I began the journey of photographing these families, which led me to 3 timezones, 5 states, 28 cities, 56 homes, hundreds of children and parents, dozens of bath times, many, many family dance sessions, meal times, bedtime snuggles, struggle sessions of dressing toddlers, and at least a million smiles. 

Documentary family photography feels so much bigger than just creating photos with families. I can feel the meaning in each frame I make. I can feel the sacredness of capturing these fleeting moments of here and now and can hear the conversations each family will have years from now while looking back on these moments. This work is big to me. Bigger than I could have ever imagined photography to be to me. 

I am thankful for every family who allowed me into their homes to capture their lives honestly. I've made so many new friends, both with the little tykes and their parents, and am excited to go back to many of their homes in the future to continue photographing their family story. 

I cannot be more grateful for this past year and every image I was able to capture of real life families. And I am more excited than ever about all the families I will photograph in 2018. 

I moved to Arizona this year and will be continuing my family project here. I can't wait to start sharing the stories of families here, but until then, here are some of my favorites memories from 2017. 



Hunstable Family Sneak /// Ft. Worth - Asheville Adoption Story


I am in awe of the Hunstables and the deep love that they exuded during my time with them today for their new baby, Journey. They traveled from Ft. Worth, Texas to Asheville to welcome their new girl into their family. They drove across the country with their son, Lincoln, and their two mothers. The love and grace of this family is something special. I can't wait to share more of them and their story. 

And I am so excited and honored that they are the first family I have gotten to document for my 100 Family Project.  What an incredible beginning to a journey of photography 100 family stories! More photos of the Hunstables coming soon. 


Sarah /// Raleigh Bridal Shoot


Sarah /// Raleigh Bridal Shoot

Sarah is absolutely beautiful from the inside out. She is kind and patient and has the sweetest spirit. She is a nurse, and you can tell that she cares for people deeply and puts others before her. Ever since I've known Sarah from college, I've always felt the most wonderful peace when I am around her. I had the honor of photographing her wedding last week in Southport. I am thrilled to share with you our day in Raleigh together celebrating the time in her life as a bride and the beautiful woman that she is.