Hannah and Garrett live in the Appalachian Mountains in Boone, NC. They met in college and have been married since April. They are the kind of people who can be outside for days and embrace any opportunity for adventure. Garrett proposed to Hannah on a hike in Colorado. They trekked up a few thousand steep feet to reach the top of a mountain, found a side trail to explore, and in the middle of the wild, Garrett asked Hannah to be his partner for life. In filling out my initial questionnaire digging into who they are as individuals and a couple, their passion for the environment and sustainability was evident. They have created a diagram of their future homestead where they will have a subsistence garden, pasture animals, and a bee farm. Hannah is currently going back to school for sustainable planning and Garrett is in school for fermentation science, preparing to become a brewmaster. Hannah wrote about how she loves Garrett’s kindness and generosity as well as his beard. Garrett wrote about how he loves Hannah’s passion for helping others and her determination and perseverance. Before beginning to take photos of this dream team, I could already envision the joy and love that would envelop our photography adventure. Naturally, with Hannah and Garrett’s love for the outdoors and their deep love for the mountains, we explored the fields and apple trees in a place called Thunder Hill, set in the heart of the Blue Ridge Parkway--a place that the two of them have spent much time together. A place that has taken part in cultivating their relationship. The beauty of the mountains and the significance of the land that we explored set us up for a successful photography experience. We planned to meet during the golden hour and take advantage of some yummy light, ending with cooler, twilight light in front of the vast sea of the Blue Ridge Mountains. I love that while we were photographing on top of a hill, Hannah and Garrett started playing a word association game with each other. They would yell a word at the same time trying to get each other to say the same word. Whenever they would yell the same word, Hannah would run to Garrett and start hugging him and jumping up and down. (You can see these wonderful moments in the images below). They forgot about me and my camera and started having fun together, giving me a peek into their joy-filled life and allowing me to capture uninhibited moments that they experience with one another every day. Those are the images that I love most. Those are the images I get so excited about, because I know that those are the honest images. The images that are created from within the two of them and their love for one another. The photos that they will be able to look back on and relive forever. It was a blast to be able to be a part of their world that is filled with so much laughter and kindness and to capture the beginning of their life together. They are living one wild adventure. I am honored to have captured the beginning of their lifelong journey.