These two are nothing short of amazing. When Serena and Sawyer wrote to me that adventure to them was deciding on a Friday morning to drive to Manhattan on a weekend through the night, with music cranked and feeling free, I knew I would love getting to know the two of them. When I threw out the idea of a 5am hike in 12 degree weather to watch the sun color the sky over the Blue Ridge Mountains for an engagement shoot, they were all about it. They were even all about it after contracting Norovirus.

    From the second I jumped into their car with their dog Blackjack in the back seat, I was enveloped in the most natural, genuine, warming conversation filled with a lot of laughter on my end (they are ridiculously hilarious) and in the sharing of honest, deep personal stories. Within 10 minutes, they felt like old friends.

    I am convinced, after only spending a morning with Serena and Sawyer, that they carry a place of comfort and love between the two of them always in which anyone can enter and feel completely at home. They are the kind of people that leave a beautiful mark on you.

    Serena and Sawyer have known each other since they were 14. They made it through growing from children to adults together and through a long distance relationship in college. After many years of learning the depths of one another, they have decided to commit their lives to one another before friend and family in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

    The pieces of their relationship I saw in the 15 minutes of photographing them (we had to head down quickly after Serena remembered she had Norovirus earlier and was on top of a 12 degree, windy mountain and could very well pass out at any moment) were so real, and rooted in such a selfless understanding of one another, that I can only imagine what a lifetime of cultivating that relationship will look like down the road.

    I am honored to be the one with the beautiful gift of photographing their wedding this fall, and I am so grateful for having met these two hearts of gold. It is going to be downright amazing.