One of the wonderful things about asking people to spend time to thoughtfully respond to some deep, personal questions before we meet and create photographs together is that I get to learn so much about their relationship and who they are. Writing is such a powerful thing. So many people have told me that they have loved to sit down and respond to my questions because it makes them think about their relationship and their values. It helps them intentionally think about their lives, dreams, and about one another. I believe in the transformative and life-giving power of writing, which is why I love beginning to connect with those I photograph with just that. Writing. 

Jenn and Jim's responses were deep, honest, and filled with wisdom. The way they wrote about how they simply love just being with one another--in their hammocks, eating outside on their porch,  I could start to envision the quiet, content way in which they interact and love one another. I could start to envision the images I would create with them filled with peace and fulfillment. 

Having never met Jenn and Jim, they were kind enough to let me into their house in which they have spent the last few years rebuilding and cultivating a beautiful home overlooking the New River in Boone, NC. As they led me through their home and showed me their new hardwood floors, their rebuilt fireplace, the newly painted outside of their home, and the hours upon hours of hard work they have put into their home, it became an illustration of the love and care they put into one another. It is evident how intentional they both are in pouring into one another, not only cultivating a home in which they love, but a relationship in which they are completely content. 

It was refreshing to be around two people who are so completely comfortable with one another both in the quiet and in the laughter. It's an honor to share some of the beautiful moments between them.