Ellie and Logan became mine and Eddie's first friends in Raleigh. We met sitting beside one another at Whole Foods one day after I recognized them from a church we were trying out that morning. We quickly realized how special these two were. They married in their early twenties just as Eddie and I did, but are arguably way more mature and rooted than we were. They have walked through their first year of marriage and all of its obstacles with grace and wisdom. The intentionality and care they give one another is nothing short of beautiful. 

Ellie is the coolest schoolteacher. She plays football with her kids during recess and insists on being the quarterback. She is incredibly kind and has the most gentle, warming spirit. Logan is in seminary, preparing his heart for mission work. He is incredibly funny and knows way more about sports than I could ever imagine. They both do. Together, these two are a powerhouse filled with so much kindness and witty comebacks for anything.

I love our first friends in Raleigh. They remind me and Eddie of how beautiful and nurturing marriage is. They remind us of how much stronger we are when we walk through this life together, hand in hand. I am excited for the beautiful things these two are going to do together in the coming years. Their hearts are big and their love is inspiring. It was a privilege and way too fun adventuring with them throughout Raleigh.