The Armenta's were the first family I photographed in the Phoenix area and what a golden family they were to begin with. The Armenta's are some of the sweetest people I have photographed. Braelyn and Nick love each other and their kids Henry and Jane in a waist deep kind of way. It was so sweet seeing how affectionate they are with their kids. I loved our time of simply hanging out around their house enjoying all of the little things. These photos feel so full of their love when I look at them. From the little touches and moments of laughter and joy, I love how simple and sweet and real and completely unique to them these moments are. 

I've got some exciting things brewing up with This Is Now Photography, one of them being going back to Arizona to photograph families next year (dates to be determined soon!) Going back through all of the incredible families I photographed in Phoenix has got me missing that beautiful desert and all the awesome people in it. But so excited to be back next year! 

Enjoy these sweet moments of the Armenta's and remember that life is all about people. Soak in the ones you love today. And tomorrow. And then the next day. It's what it's all about.