I am so excited to be going back to Atlanta in September to photograph the Buice family again. I cannot wait to see how much Elliot has grown and all of the little ways Becky and Jon and Elliot have grown together as a family. They are a great example of how it's not about what you are doing together that makes your life full and exciting as a family but its about the people you are with and your connections with one another.  

I loved how organically Jon and Elliot sat on the kitchen floor together as Becky cooked breakfast - falling into their everyday life. The connection between them made it easy for me to see that they do this all the time. They weren't putting on a show because there was a camera in front of them. They were just being as they always are. Jon's connection with Elliot felt unparalleled to anything I've seen between a father and daughter. He is a pediatrician, so I guess that helps a little :) He obviously adores kids and is in love with his daughter. 

I loved my time with them and am thrilled to capture another year of their beautiful, growing world together.

Becky and Jon - you are both quite amazing parents. I cannot wait for September.