There is something about this family that is so real and deep and soft all at the same time. Laura and Adam are head over heels in love with their son Charlie, and it's the sweetest. The entire day I was photographing them I was thinking, man, this is the biggest honor to get to document the life that this family is living right now. Adam built the home they are living in right outside of Greenville and live close enough to Adam's grandparents so they get to see them a lot. They are the parents and the grandparents that I would hope for any child - thoughtful, over the moon in love with one another, and so happy doing life together. 

I love all of the little things that the Childers love doing together. Reading Charlie's favorite books, which he has memorized (the boy is a little genius), working with tools, blowing the leaves, going on walks in their backyard, eating ice cream out of the tub, and spending time at Adam's parents' home. This family reminds me of all the joys of growing up around people who support you in the deepest way. They remind me of how simple a fulfilled life can be and how simple loving can be.