It is impossible to talk about Courtney and Chris without a big smile on your face. They are so much fun to be around. My husband Eddie had the honor of being in their wedding, as Chris has been one of his close friends since high school. And I had the absolute honor of photographing the union of these to friends who complement one another in such a beautiful way. 

The first time I met Chris was in Boone when Eddie and I were dating. Chris, along with some other friends of Eddie's from high school, came to see Eddie at college. It did not take long to figure out that Chris, Justin, Max, Alex, and Daniel, to name a few, were a group of guys who had no idea what a dull moment was. You cannot hang out with them without either peeing you pants from laughing so hard or doing something crazy you may have thought twice about had it not been for their contagious energy and love of adventure. I consider it a great privilege to have inherited these friends as Eddie's wife. 

Ever since Courtney and Chris started dating, they have made so much sense. Courtney always has the biggest most welcoming smile on her face. She is so kind and full of joy, which makes the two of them nothing short of wonderful to be around. They laugh constantly together. Their joy is contagious. Every time I leave them, I feel uplifted and happy, as I am sure everyone does who knows them. 

Their wedding was nothing short of the joy they carry every day. It was filled with a lot of tears and a lot of laughter. You can tell these two and their families feel deep. 

My favorite moments of the day were when Courtney's grandma and grandpa saw her grandma's dress on her for the first time as well as when Chris saw Courtney for the first time. All three reactions were so emotional and sweet. I love that Courtney wore her grandma's dress and the joy and sentiment behind it. 

I am beyond honored to share some of Chris and Courtney's wedding day. Thank you to both of you for asking me to be a part of your day and for being such a great example of joy!

And thanks to Brandi Swarms for second shooting with me! You're a rock star.