Courtney and Nick are two of the most hardworking people I know. Courtney is currently in Nebraska working on her doctorate in psychology and Nick is in med school in Virginia. They are smart, ambitious, hardworking, and dedicated, but even more than that, they are kind, down-to-earth, and so much fun to be around. 

I have had the honor of knowing the two of them for many years now. I met them both in college in Boone and have gotten to witness their relationship from the beginning. One thing I've always observed about the two of them is that they are always so sure in who they are as individuals and together. They have made it through long distances on multiple occasions and have supported each other's dreams and goals in life in such a beautiful way. 

One beautiful thing that Courtney and Nick share is their deep love for the outdoors. They have spent many days and nights in the Blue Ridge Mountains backpacking, camping, rock climbing, teaching kids through Outward Bound, and getting to know one another. They call the mountains home as it is so significant to their relationship. 

I was elated that they asked me to photograph them back in Boone for their engagement and cannot be more excited about watching them get married next year. 

Side note: Nick had already proposed out west, but he did not have a ring. Right before I started taking photos, I told Nick to take out "that bulge" out of his back pocket. It was, of course, Courtney's ring. He was waiting for the right time to pull it out, but I forced him to do it right off the bat. Despite me, it was such a sweet moment I got to capture. These two are THE BEST.