I just love, love, love this family. I photographed the Williams a couple of years ago and could not wait to photograph them again. They were one of the first families I photographed completely documentary. I remember looking at the images a couple of years ago and thinking, "there is so much color in these photos." Both literally and then something beyond the literal. I felt the same way going through these photos. I'm not sure how else to explain it other than that they just get how to really live out a day in all its shapes and colors and textures. The first time I photographed them we spent time with one of their elderly neighbors, went on a hunt for a lost cat, played the piano, danced and sang in the living, and so much more. This go around, Emily, John, Abraham and Reese rode around on Emily's brother's scooter (I think Emily enjoyed it more than anyone), Abraham sang the Sound of Music in the front yard, their grandma came over with chocolate and hung out on the front porch, and Reese and Abraham cracked open rocks and played checkers on Reese's bed. 

All of their adventure and fun is so organic and fluid. They just fall into the color of life and explore and imagine, moving from one game or story or world to another. It's been one of my favorite things being able to photograph this family again as they welcomed a new little adventurer into the family - Shepherd. 

Sometimes when I get bored, I think, "what would the Williams be doing right now?" I don't think this family could ever get bored with all of their imagination. It's something really special.