You know the people in this world that you just instantly feel at home with? Meet the Whitlows -  Sarah, David, Elijah, and Rosalie. This family exudes warmth and kindness. I walked into their home for our documentary family session and instantly felt free to be exactly myself. After spending the morning with them, witnessing the little quirks that make them who they are, David's espresso machine expertise, Sarah's warm, down to earth spirit as a mother and wife, both of their on point senses of humor, Elijah's impressive love for all things Star Wars, and Rosalie's uncanny way of making you feel understood as a human being just by smiling at you - after just a few hours with them, I felt like longtime friends. 

Sarah and David are incredible photographers at www.twocentsphotography.com . I am honored and grateful for connecting with them, getting the chance to peek into their family world, and capture a piece of their beauty. Here are some of my favorites moments during our morning together.