Gina, Steve, Kate, Luke, Jason, Wes, and Rachel Edington are living the sweet, sweet dream in Asheboro, NC. With how much love and joy there was that seeped through my afternoon with this family, I can only imagine the beauty that their string of days create. 

They share a few acres with their chickens and with one another. Originally from California, the kids were so excited this summer to be able to catch fireflies for the first time ever. 

I got such a kick out of Gina and Steve's dry humor and the way they joked with their kids. They have so much fun with their children - exploring, playing games, running around, and laughing so hard with them; I can only hope I would be half as cool as they are as a parent. They truly enjoy each of their children in their own unique way. It was beautiful watching how they love each of their kids. 

What a gift it is to be trusted by people who have never met me to come into their home and document the beauty of their lives. I am so grateful for the Edington family for doing just that. For entrusting me with sharing this piece of their story as a family. It is an honor to be able to capture these moments so that they may remember and relive this significant and beautiful piece of their story forever.