Laughter is one of the greatest gifts two people can share between one another. Monica and Elliot have a lot of laughter between the two of them. Monica wrote to me before I met them about how perspective creates adventure. That with the right perspective, you can find adventure anywhere. I love the way she and Elliot view adventure. You can tell by how genuinely joyful they are that they are always on an adventure with each other, both in the big and the small.

It was such a gift to experience the joy that they bring out of one another. They aren’t afraid to dance wildly (Monica has one killer dance move) and be completely in the moment. We had the best time enjoying the beauty of Fort Fisher. They met in Wilmington at UNCW, so we decided to head to the beach where they have spent a lot of time for their engagement shoot. Monica and Elliot, thank you for the beautiful gift of joy you guys carry together and for loving each other in such a sweet, sincere way. You are both a wonderful reminder of the life that comes out of loving someone deeply.