When I think of home, I think of all the little details in a house that tell a story, the smell that carries through the house, the stick figure drawings of family on the refrigerator, the boxes with dinosaur drawings (see below), the rags hung to dry on the back deck (also see below), the sounds of laughter and jumping and spoons inside mixing bowls. I think of all the little details that make up the spirit of a home and the spirit of the people who have made a home together. 

This word sat in me as I spent time with the Graff's. They have made their home so uniquely them. I felt invited to be a part of it for a day and loved feeling what they get to feel every day together. 

Their adventures to the river are seriously magical. You would never think you were right in Charlotte from the forest of trees and feeling of being in the middle of nowhere. 

I think the reason I felt the sense of home so strongly with the Graff's is because they are truly LIVING. Their house isn't a museum that needs to be spotless every day. It's a playground filled with the possibility of adventure and the invitation of joy. They have so much fun together - with their exotic pets, imaginative games, and backyard adventures. 

It's been quite a few months since this day of river adventures with the Graff's, but I still feel the sense of home and the sense of true joy that I walked away with from them. It's powerful when I family can make such a big impact by just being exactly who they are.