When I walked into the Owens' home, there were oldies songs playing in the kitchen, light was shining in from every window, and there was already a lot of laughing. Katie, Ben, and Lincoln are one of my favorite families. I know I say that a lot, but man, I really mean it. I stalk Katie's Facebook on the regular to see what new sweet/hilarious posts she has made of Lincoln. Katie loves being a mom. I mean LOVES being a mom. Her enthusiasm and love for Lincoln is contagious. I don't have children and her joy for motherhood made me want to run out and find a kid to be excited about.

I loved watching her and Ben's relationship and their mutual love for one another. When Lincoln was napping, they went outside and starting spray painting a cardboard box to what I think they were turning into a barn for Lincoln. The Owens are a family who don't just talk about living presently and soaking in life with one another, they actually do it. I think it's pretty evident in their photos. I love that they walk with Lincoln around the neighborhood while Ben enjoys one of his cigars, they have dance parties around the kitchen, enjoy cooking and eating the best food, and spend time in their garden together. 

I hope you enjoy these photos of a piece of their life last year. I love something that Katie said about them when I sent her the gallery:

"Really. It just means the world to me that I can hear my son's laughter in these photos. I really just hear my life through these photos."