My time with the Quigley's is exactly how I envision photographing families in the future. I drove to their home in Richmond, VA from Charlotte. Sara and Steven welcomed me into their home and we got to know one another around takeout and a fire in their backyard. We talked about the honest challenges of raising a kid, their amazing ultra-marathon race they started in Richmond, and so much about life. 

I woke up the next morning to footsteps of their little one, Kellan, running around with their dog Dewey. And spent the day with them documenting the energetic life they are living together. It couldn't have been a better day exploring Richmond and experiencing the world the Quigley's are building together.

I love how honest Sara and Steven are about how hard yet how rewarding being a parent is. Their first year with Kellan was really challenging. But their resilience and strength is evident. They are doing it, and they are doing well. I hope that these photos are a glance into the beauty they are creating and despite all of the hardships and challenges they have faced, they are here doing life together and every bit of it is worth it. 

Thank you Quigley's for being such amazing people, for welcoming me into your home, and for being such a great example of fighting for one another and leaning into all of life.