Here's the deal - Serena and Sawyer are two of the kindest, most genuine people that walk this planet. When I jumped into their car at 5am and drove with them up to the Roan Balds for a sunrise engagement shoot and they told me they had norovirus but wanted to fight through and make the photos happen I thought two things: 1. These two are just as crazy I am and 2. I may end up killing them.

But then, in the 15 minutes we were on top of the mountain grabbing photos as the sun rose, I realized, dang, these two are amazing and I want to be best friends with them. 

We made it through and had some deep, refreshing conversations over waffles at Waffle House once we ran off the mountain before Serena passed out. 

In all sincerity, these two are some of my favorites. They make you feel like you have been best friends forever and their love for one another is real and deep and filled with understanding and joy. 

To say it was an honor to photograph their wedding sounds too cliche. Their wedding day was seeping with beauty and life. I am so excited to see where these two go together and all of the love that they will impart to the world. 

Serena and Sawyer - You're the real deal. Thank you so much for allowing me and Eddie to capture your wedding. It was spectacular.