My dear friends Chaz and Michaleh are raising the most full of life family. You cannot help but feel absolutely loved and completely filled with joy when you walk into their home. I took photos of Sarah when she was an infant and did not see her again until now. She is hilarious, independent and nonstop in the best way. I am blown away by the people that Abigail and Christopher have grown into. When I first met them, Abby was in her terrible two stage with her adorable raspy voice and Christopher would run around with a cape on telling everyone he was "extra-cising." They are now two confident, amazing grownups and incredible older siblings to Sarah.  

Chaz and Michaleh got married not long after Eddie and I did. It's amazing to see how much we all have grown over the past 7 years. I could not be more proud of these dear friends of mine. The Sniders are a family of courage, strength, and sincerity. I love this family and am so grateful I got to spend time documenting their current life, which is a pretty awesome life. 

I love you guys!