It is the greatest honor to photograph the most intimate, significant parts of people’s lives. A gift that I will never take for granted. Erin and JD have been dear friends with me and Eddie for some time now. I photographed their wedding as Eddie filmed alongside me. It was one of the most incredible unions of two hearts and lives. Their love is infectious and limitless. It’s impossible not to feel when you are with them.

When Eddie and I were camping in Asheville this past July, I got a phone call from JD. We had not planned for me to photograph the birth of their daughter Quill, but she had decided to come about a month early, and our friend Sydnee who had planned to photograph it was out west. Eddie and I immediately said yes to documenting this beautiful part of their lives. We headed straight to Randolph Hospital in Asheboro.

It is hard to describe the grace in which Erin and JD walked through as they brought their child Quill Reverie Gravitt into the world. Erin was patient and remained her kind, joyful self all the way through until the end. JD cared for Erin with such a loving strength. You could see his deep love as he rubbed her feet, held her hand, kissed her forehead, and watched his strong wife with deep admiration. I was in awe of their partnership.

Quill Reverie came into this world in beauty and grace. With two parents who love one another so deeply. The gift of being able to document this incredible moment of new life and joy is beyond an honor. I will forever be grateful for this day.


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