I met Greg while working at the Fayetteville Observer. He is one of those people who makes you feel like you have been best friends forever the first time you meet him. He is an incredible writer, one of the most hilarious people, insanely smart, and frankly one of the coolest people I know. I think most people who are as cool as Greg are not nearly as kind and gracious as he is, which naturally just makes him even more awesome. 

As wonderful as Greg is, I knew his children Zane and Zoë were going to be such great kids. I had a blast spending an afternoon with them documenting their life together in Chapel Hill. Zane is hilarious and warm and always thinking of the next way to make you laugh. Zoë is incredibly smart and inquisitive. 

It was an honor being welcomed into their home and capturing their world as it is now. Children grow up so quickly, and it is impossible to remember every detail of who they were in every stage of childhood. I love to think that these unscripted, honest moments captured of this beautiful family will be a way that they will be able to relive these past versions of themselves and tangibly remember their life here in this home in Chapel Hill in 2016. 

Thank you Greg and Zoë and Zane for welcoming me into your world for an afternoon and being so open to letting me document your hilarious, fun, wonderful family.

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