Ben and Rachel have 6 amazing boys: Jadon, Asa, Hosea, Zadok, Boaz, and Asher. I've been listening to a podcast that Ben co-hosts called the seanwes podcast about making a living doing what you love. I've also been following Rachel's blog where she speaks candidly about parenthood and being a working mother. The insight that these two have and the partnership of deep trust and respect for one another is big. If I become a parent, I have already gleaned so much wisdom from the way that these two live out their lives as parents and partners.

I was in Texas in October for the seanwes conference. I drove down to San Antonio from Austin to hang out with the Toalsons before the conference and soak in the beauty and life of their family. It was inspiring to see how loving this family of 8 is. The best way to describe them is the word team. Ben and Rachel are champions of one another and of the pursuits and passions of their children. 

I had such a fun afternoon with them and was so honored to photograph the life they are purposefully living together. Check out the amazing value they are offering about living your life with purpose. It's important and meaningful and life changing.

Now on to some photos of this sweet family.