When I started my 100 families project last fall and started taking submissions to photograph families, Rachel reached out to me asking if she could sponsor me to come to San Antonio to photograph her family as well as some of her friends' families. When I read her message, I was overwhelmed by her generosity and her belief in what I am trying to give families. I may or may not have cried in my little apartment in Asheville. 

I photographed the Toalsons in the fall of 2016 and was in quiet awe the entire time of how wonderful and alive and unique this family is. I was honored that Rachel and Ben wanted me to come and photograph another year in their lives. Their 6 boys are so smart and curious and joyful and fun. The Toalsons remind me so much of my childhood growing up with 4 siblings. Always something happening, unending excitement, and a love that is completely unique to growing up with all your best friends under the same roof. 

When I look at these photos, I feel so much love. Rachel and Ben - you are rock star parents and incredible people raising 6 incredible boys. Thank you for asking me to come back and capture another year of your life together as a family.