I will never be able to say enough how much of a privilege it is to witness and intimately document people's lives as they are. What I do goes far beyond documenting. As I enter people's lives and capture pieces of their story, I am celebrating them. I am championing their hearts and dreams. I am given the gift of sharing the stories of people's beautiful lives that they are cultivating so that the puzzle of fleeting, important, rich, life-filled moments that make up the larger picture of their stories can be forever remembered and forever celebrated. What a gift. 

I have known Shannon since she was in middle school. She and my sister Rachel have been good friends for a long time. I have not seen Shannon in years, which made it that much more special seeing her now as a wife to her husband John and a mother to her son Jack. Entering into Shannon's life today and getting to know her and John as a couple made me so grateful and so proud. I love seeing the person Shannon has become: A kind, patient, creative, loyal wife and mother. And I love seeing how John has brought out a new life from within her. The two of them are the real deal. Their understanding for one another is rooted deep within them. 

We went to the place in the mountains where they married each other almost two years ago. We walked down the path to the rock that they stood in front of and said their vows. Shannon said it was foggy just like their wedding day and how she thought the fog made everything more beautiful. I agree with her.

It was almost as if they were still the newly married couple, alive in fresh love, but now deeper and fuller as they had walked through becoming parents together and growing closer through living the daily life of marriage for two years. 

We spent time in the quiet morning soaked in mountain fog and talked about how they met working with children and how having their own child has been the craziest but greatest experience. How it has brought them closer together in ways only the wonder of a child could. 

We went back to their home, where Shannon says they live "such a fun life." The care they have given to their home is evident and warming. They made breakfast together, something they do every Sunday morning, as they listened to Fleetwood Mac records and danced with their baby Jack. Shannon is right. They do live such a fun life. I could feel the joy they had given their home. I love celebrating their life together as a family of three and sharing this part of their journey. It's an honor.