Today was amazing. Wes proposed to Hannah, his high school sweetheart of 6 years on the top of Black Balsam Knob. Wes is in the Marine Corps and will be deploying soon for 8 months as Hannah is finishing her last year at Appalachian State. He decided to ask Hannah to marry him before he left, and she was completely surprised. Having never met these two, finding them was a little tricky. After sprinting up the mountain with all of my gear thinking that they were an hour early just to find that it was a couple that looked just similar enough to them to get my heartbeat going, Hannah and Wes showed up with big smiles. I loved being able to see the two of them together without them seeing me. They were so content with one another. I am so honored to have photographed such a sweet and substantial moment in their lives. I can't get over how sweet these two are.

Congratulations Hannah and Wes!