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I would like to introduce you to some of the sweetest people that walk this earth - the Whites. Alicia is an amazing amazing photographer. You can find her work at aliciawhitephoto.com Alicia has become such a dear friend to me. She is deep and real and loves people in such a big way. She lives from heart, and for that, she is my girl. I was ecstatic to be able to capture her and her incredibly kind husband Eric and their insanely cute daughter Margot. 

I get asked by parents a lot if I am able to photograph babies with my approach to photography because they don't do much and are kinda boring. While Margot may not be running around and drawing on walls and trying to give the dog a haircut yet, man oh man, her sweet smile and the way Alicia and Eric look at her and the way she holds her feet when Alicia nurses her are all moments of their life together that will not always be here - and they are not boring at all. They are all so perfect and beautiful. Not all photos have to be loud and in your face with action. Photos reflect the time in life you are in and the connections with your family just as they are right now. Real life is never boring and one of the most tender most fleeting parts of life is right at the beginning. 

All that to say - I'm beyond honored to have captured this sacred time with the Whites as Margot discovers the wide wide world. White fam - you are some of the most precious gems. I'm so thankful for you.