I've known Emily for pretty much as long as I can remember. She was my mom's student in high school. I remember thinking she was the coolest girl I knew. Her unique style, always-on-point sense of humor, beautiful way with words, and the way she has always been herself - marching to the beat of her own drum - while loving others so well has filled me with great admiration for years. She taught my sister Rachel and I French with great grace and patience. We were always so excited to go to her parent's home and eat homemade scones while learning how to pronounce croissant correctly. 

To say that I was beyond happy to meet her family for the first time (it's been about 10 years since I have seen Emily) is an understatement. After seeing photo upon photo on social media of the fun, imaginative, free-spirited children that Emily and her husband John have created, Reese and Abraham, I knew I wanted to document the exciting life they were living. 

I expected nothing less than the adventurous time that I had with them yesterday afternoon. We searched for a wounded cat that the Williams had noticed lurking around lately to put a sign, "Do I have an owner? Check yes or no?" Abraham's efforts to lure the cat to him with his meows were adorable, but unfortunately did not work. 

We went and saw Tom, their neighbor. Emily talked with him about his health as Reese and Abraham amused themselves by running away from Tom's dog, Cutter, when she howled at them from inside. 

Knowing the thoughtful, full-of-life person that Emily is, it does not surprise me that she is raising the most wonderful, life-filled human beings who see the world in such a beautiful way. 

Thank you Emily and John and Reese and Abraham for the best afternoon and for letting me come into your home and document your life just as it is. It is truly such an honor. And thank you for reminding me that life is the greatest adventure and excitement can be found anywhere. 

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