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Abbi came into our home in the most unobtrusive way and, while we simply interacted as a family, going about our daily routines, she recorded slices of our everyday life. At first I thought these photos of the mundane—washing dishes, helping our children with homework, preparing afternoon snacks—would be, well, mundane. I thought I probably wouldn’t want to see pictures that showcased the scuffs on our table, the fingerprints on our mirrors, the nicks in our walls.

But Abbi has a knack for making the ordinary of life appear extraordinary and the destroyed places of a home appear charming. I was wrecked by the photos she took in my home. To see those everyday, taken-for-granted moments with our children, while they are small, memorialized into shots so beautiful is a priceless gift. I am so very grateful for her talent and her professionalism and her easy-going manner. But mostly I am grateful for the way she sees the world through the lens of a camera, because through this lens she frames a family’s life into a remarkable piece of art. When my children are grown, I will forever have this one piece of their childhood, suspended in time.
— Rachel Toalson