Hi! I am Abbi, and I am so glad that you have been selected for a free (up to) 4 hour documentary family session. 

First of all, I want to tell you why I believe in the power and importance of documentary family photography. It's honestly a passion that burns within me that I can't stop feeling and thinking about. 

This isn't about me creating photos that I think are pretty or making money. This is about every family that I want so badly to be able to have honest photos of their lives now.

I feel how fleeting the now is. We don't have forever. I feel that with almost every photo that I make.

My family will never be what it once was when we were growing up. I wish so badly that we had our real lives captured. I wish I could reverse time and have someone capture us as we truly were. Someone that could see into my family and our story and capture all of the little details that made up our everyday lives. Those are the images I wish we had. 

I want this badly for every family. I feel the importance of these images and can see their value down the road. I truly want every family to be able to suspend at least one day every year in time forever through honest storytelling. I want every family to have an archive of images growing up together that truly captures the real you. To be able to see your children with you. To see the growing connection between you. The beauty of every stage of your life that you have gotten to live together. That's truly living, right? Savoring the little things now, because one day you will look back and see that they were the big things. Right now is sacred, and I want every family to have the heart of now captured. 

This work is important to me. Not for me, but for you and your family. Having your story captured throughout these years that go by so quickly is something that I want for you. 

I am excited that you are here and that you are ready to have the life that you are living right now with your family captured in a way that truly represents you. 

What to expect with your session:

I come to your home and hang out with your family for up to four hours. You get to be completely yourself. No having to dress up, no having to get your kids to sit and smile at the camera, all you have to do is be yourself. Nothing more and nothing less. We will spend some time together in your home capturing your every day life together. That can look like so many different things - cooking breakfast, playing in your children's rooms, jumping/snuggling on the bed, reading books, playing games, dance parties, pillow fights, bubbles, whatever your family wants to do, I am up for it. We can also go somewhere else as well - take a walk in the neighborhood, go to a park, go grocery shopping (because this always makes great photos) or anywhere else your family loves go to together.

I don't direct or pose in any way. I capture moments of your family as they are happening. Your session will truly be you doing you and me capturing it. I will be interacting with you the whole time and letting the day nature fold into whatever it wants to be. 

Once we have booked your session, we will talk more about your day, what to expect, and how to make it most successful!

To book your free documentary family session, fill out the questions below about you and your family and I will get back with you soon with more details about your session and finding a date that I can come photograph you within the next 2 months!


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